Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of group classes, all in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere that both challenges you and helps you to enjoy physical activity.  We welcome participants of a variety of abilities, and hope that you will join for the whole term of each class. Participants are able to join within the first three weeks of classes and their pass will be prorated. Please note that registration closes after the third week of classes. Drop-ins and punch pass users are welcome into classes on a first come first served basis, however registered participants are guaranteed a spot and a bike in the fitness classes.

Yoga and Mindful Movement (Yoga MM): Experience specific breathing exercises, gentle yogic stretches, and mindful movement for improved strength, flexibility, balance, and wellbeing. Increasing mindful awareness of the body during static poses and dynamic movements not only helps to improve coordination and decreases injuries, but also helps to cultivate a peaceful presence and improve stress resilience.

Brain-Body Fitness (BB Fit): Utilizing the latest research in exercise and cognitive health, this class blends physical exercise with specific brain-health activities designed to improve the brain’s ability to function, adapt, and even rewire itself. The specific exercises taught in this class can help to reverse the effects of aging on the brain and nervous system and are recommended for anyone who wants to improve brain-body health and coordination.

Community Fit (C Fit): This twice a week class builds posture, back strength, and functional conditioning to ensure your body stays flexible, fit & strong.


Fit Over 50 : This specialty class is designed for baby boomers looking to maintain their health, strength and flexibility. The exercise component of the class (spin, stretch and functional strength training) will help you maintain & find fitness in your fifties and beyond.

Spin: Join us for 45 minutes focused on improving your strength & cardio.

Changing Aging: This evidence-based program is a  specialty class for members aged 65+ focused on functional strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health for the older adult. Changing Aging members often find friendship among the spinning, stretching and functional movement components of the class. A Medical Referral form and Intake Appointment are required for class participation. Please see the Forms page for more details.

Fit Over 50 and Changing Aging are also offered at our partner community centres. For class schedules at Dunbar Community Centre and Kerrisdale Community Centre, please contact those facilities directly.

Drop-ins are welcome in the following classes:

  • Community Fit
  • Fit Over 50
  • Spin

Please take a look here for the Forms that are required to be completed for classes held at UBC BodyWorks and at our Partner Community Centres (Dunbar and Kerrisdale)