Why UBC BodyWorks


Welcome to UBC BodyWorks Community!  Below are a few of the reasons why BodyWorks is so highly valued:


  • Unique Programs:  UBC BodyWorks offers unique programs designed to assist patients who are cleared by their physician to partake in physical activity in order to prevent chronic disease and injuries, maintain/increase quality of life, or improve functional mobility. Delivered by specially trained Personal Trainers who are students in the School of Kinesiology, our programs help clients to be able to achieve timely results through an education-based approach.


  • Specially trained Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers  and Volunteers.  Many certified Fitness Instructors Personal Trainers only carry basic training/knowledge acquired from their certification and do not specialize in working with older adult or clinical populations with stable conditions.  Fitness and training staff and volunteers at BodyWorks are current or graduated Kinesiology students, which means that they have more extensive understandings of how bodies work and move.  BodyWorks staff also take additional training from School of Kinesiology professors and staff and receive professional development education well beyond what would normally be offered to employees at other facilities.


  • Social Atmosphere with Individuals with Similar Health Goals.  Friends are found in our Fitness Centre because our atmosphere is a welcoming environment where our members are able to make social connections.  Members have found new friendships amongst those who join them in their fitness class.  Our staff also get to know our members as more than just people who work out in our facility.  This social atmosphere helps people to continue working out because it makes it enjoyable!  These social connections also contribute to an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.


  • No Crowds and No Competition. In some facilities, you look around and you feel like you need to catch up or keep up.  Not in our centre!  We accept all abilities and ages, and in doing so, we have a truly supportive community that promotes all of us challenging ourselves in ways that make us all feel good.  We also run a fairly quiet facility- unlike other fitness centres- we pride ourselves on the lack of crowds, lack of noise and the space we offer our members.


  • Help If You Need It.   Some fitness centres allow people to workout without someone else being in the centre.  This poses a real hazard to health and safety.  It’s for this reason that we have a staff member in the BodyWorks Fitness Centre, not only to make sure you feel welcome and to answer your questions, but also to ensure that if you need help we will have someone there.