Testimonials from Our Members and Students

“The Program has helped me increase my strength, stamina and agility.  I have been able to do more because of the exercise program which has helped me with joint and back difficulties.  I have made friends in the Program which has made going to the gym fun. We support one another.”ubc_20160823_7067

Ellen Becker, BodyWorks member since 2008

“I joined the BodyWorks Fitness Centre in 2009. I had just been diagnosed with Osteoporosis… Rather than starting on medications such as bisphosphonates, I chose to increase my exercise routine… My husband and I have attended regularly over the past 5 years. Having both of us committed to the program encourages regular attendance. We motivate each other….

As a result of our exercise program, we are stronger, enjoy better balance and feel more energetic. Also, I had a Bone Density test a few months ago and was delighted to find out my bone density has started to improve. I felt this was possible but it was wonderful to have the confirmation.”

Maria Stuible, BodyWorks Member since 2009

“I really appreciated the opportunities BodyWorks afforded me. Some of the seminars/workshops by Mon, Jef, Kira, and yourself really pushed my thinking about exercise and health early on. To this day, I regularly engage in discussions regarding some of the same topics (core stabilization etc.). Getting a start on critically thinking about exercise prescription has benefited me tremendously in PT school. My passion for health has only expanded since my days at UBC- and I look forward to returning in some capacity to pass along some of what I’ve learned over the last number of years.”

-Nick Ponzetti, UBC Kinesiology Graduate Class of 2012.

“I would also like to thank you personally for all the guidance and support along the way. You have built up my confidence when I first started volunteering here, and have provided great care for all the employees. I especially like all the seminars organized, so that we can keep upgrading ourselves and serve as better trainers. Your recommendation letter has also helped me tremendously in my PT applications. I was accepted by 6 PT schools in total, all of them ranked within the top-20 PT schools in the US. Without my experience at BodyWorks, I would not have been able to do that. Your charisma and professional knowledge have also inspired me to keep striving for excellence under any circumstances. Thank you!”